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2022 Enrichment Day Camps

If you're interested in working or volunteering at the camp, or enrolling your child in this enrichment day camp, please email or call Philip Herman at (515) 422-4386

Middle School


Students just finishing PK through 5th grade for Summer Adventure Camp & students finishing 6th-8th grades for Middle School STEM Adventures.


Each day, camp attendees will receive a FREE lunch and spend time doing STEM projects, working on their math and reading skills, playing games, and spending time outdoors. Once a week each camper gets to go on a field trip experience.




Highland Park Community Church

4101 Amherst St, Des Moines, IA 50313


To provide parents in the Highland Park/Oak Park neighborhoods with a safe place for their children to learn, play, and experience the fun of an enrichment day camp at the extremely affordable cost of just $150/Week. Childcare Assistance is also available per approved application.

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