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Affordable Housing Initiative

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We are working on a model of permanent supportive affordable housing that does not need layers upon layers of public government dollars to complete, but can make a real  difference in the lives of individuals.  We are able to use private banking dollars available through Community Reinvestment Act funding and private individual and grant donations to get more affordable homes actually added to the housing stock in Des Moines.  On this first home that we are working on (see pictures above), we have received a wonderfully generous grant offer, but it requires matching dollars to complete. 

During this last winter the original furnace on the house broke down to the point that we had to shut it down.  Fortunately, at that time we were in conversations with the largest residential HVAC company in Des Moines, Service Legends, about their “Warm Your Heart” program.  In evaluating the new needs of the house with the new addition, it was determined that we needed a second furnace (and the original one replaced).  Also, when we looked at air conditioning needs, the current one was not going to be big enough either.

Therefore, Service Legends and their equipment suppliers offered us a challenge.  If they covered $12,000 of the cost, could we raise $6,000 (a 2 to 1 match opportunity)On Tuesday, May 5th, on Giving Tuesday Now through May 28, 2020 we are seeking to raise this $6,000 match and then are trying to raise the additional $18,000 (siding--$8,000, replace original house roof--$2,000, flooring--$1,500, electrical--$1,500, plumbing--$3,500, and insulation/drywall--$1,500) to let us finish this first home.  Once we do this and pay down the mortgage by $20,000, it releases the bank credit line to complete the next three homes.

HPCC already own the vacant lot immediately next to this home and have a pending contract to buy the next two vacant lots with the credit line money when we are done on the first home.  This would give us four properties in a row with three of them being brand new homes.  Please contact, Interim Director, Philip Herman at or (515) 422-4386 if you can help in any way or can provide additional matching funds for this project.